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Australasian Hydrographic Society

We Pursue Excellency, Accuracy, Freedom of Information, People, Technology and Safety under a Non-Profit Society ...


There can be no doubt that the significance of hydrography to global trade, the environment, our living standards and maritime security continues to grow.

Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie, AO, RANR


Welcome to the Australasian Hydrographic Society, regional focus for hydrography and related sciences in SE Asia, the SW Pacific and beyond

Recent and extraordinary progress in ocean based technology means that the maritime industry and undersea exploration will be to this century that which aviation and aerospace exploration was to the last. There is concurrently great public interest in the heritage of exploration. As such, the Society aims to serve anyone with an interest in the science (and art) of this subject, the influence of which makes it the great common denominator for maritime nations.

CMDR David Crossman, RNZN, President AHS

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